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Le Diner en Blanc - Grand Rapids Premieres in September

Grand Rapids will host its very first Le Dîner en Blanc on Saturday, September 11, 2021 in one of the city’s iconic public spaces.

To participate in this first edition,  sign up on the waitlist by clicking on the Register tab.

Le Dîner en Blanc is an event that, even by staying home, transports us into another world. The sea of people all adorned in white creates images that are instantly ‘Instagram-able’. Meeting new people or reuniting with long-time friends - missed during quarantine. Getting all dressed up to attend a dinner à la française where conversation and champagne are essential.

“We felt Grand Rapids was primed for such a dazzling event as an increase of interest in fine living has been noted over the years,” says Kristian Grant, co-host of Le Dîner en Blanc -   Grand Rapids, who has been working in the event and PR industry for over 10 years and hopes to make this very first edition a success that will pave the way towards establishing a long-standing tradition.

Le Diner en Blanc – Grand Rapid is hosted by Kristian Grant, Tarona Guy and Angela Nelson from Noire’ Collection. The company has a team of dedicated event professionals with 50+ years of combined expertise and specializes in creating luxury social experiences.


Le Diner en Blanc – Grand Rapids
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Bob J.
1 year ago
Thanks for Organizing a Great 1st Event.
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Le Dîner en Blanc
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